Why Hire a Western PhD Intern?

Over 2,000 PhD students currently attend Western in 50 different programs, across 11 unique faculties. During their four years of study, doctoral students will become experts in their respective fields, building a depth and breadth of knowledge and professional skills to thrive within any industry. When you hire a Western PhD student, you are hiring an experienced researcher, writer, presenter, project manager, and leader, who will make valuable contributions to your organization.

Doctoral students are:

  • Highly skilled problem-solvers and critical thinkers
  • Creative and innovative team members
  • Compelling leaders and effective project managers
  • Strong communicators and trained researchers

With these skills, doctoral students have the ability to set themselves apart and give your organization a competitive advantage.


Commercialize evidence-based innovation to stay atop of your industry.


Analytical/Critical Thinking

Make sense of and understand large quantities of information to better navigate your future.


Project Management

Take on complex projects to achieve organizational goals.



Inspire team members to take on meaningful actions that align with your organization’s vision.



Communicate clearly and effectively to a wide range of stakeholders.


Relationship Building

Foster strong, productive working relationships that lead to better efficiency and or outcomes.


Agile Learning

Adapt quickly to new market demands and opportunities as well as emerging technologies.


Employee Engagement

Retain passionate, invested, and globally aware employees.


Own Your Future

Own Your Future is a doctoral professional development program at Western University developed by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in collaboration with various units across campus. The program enriches doctoral education at Western by providing the opportunity for students to develop professional skills that help maximize their success in graduate school and in their future career.