How to Hire a Western PhD Intern

Step 1 - Start the process through Western Connect

Western Connect is Western University's online career and student experience portal.

Step 2 - Submit an Internship Posting

From the WesternConnect dashboard:

  1. Select Internship/Co-op
  2. Select Undergraduate and Graduate
  3. Select Jobs
  4. Select Post a New Job
  5. Provide details of the Job including:
    1. Company Information
      • Contact information
    2. Internship Posting Information
      • Duration
      • Full-time/Part-time
      • Title
      • Location
      • Salary
      • Description
      • Requirements
      • Start Date
      • End Date
      • Hours per week
      • Languages required
    3. Application Information
      • Application close date
      • Procedure to Apply (CareerCentral, email, or directly)
      • Application materials required
      • Additional information
  6. Submit posting for approval

Step 3 - Connect with your Desired Candidates

Western is happy to support your selection process however you see fit.  We have interview rooms on campus that you are welcome to use.  

Step 4 - Offer the Successful Candidate the Internship

You are welcome to offer a student an internship directly through Western's job offer form.  Students have two business days to accept or decline an offer.

Step 5 - Sign the Internship Agreement

Western's official internship agreement template can be found here.

Step 6 - Review the Reflection Materials Required for an Internship

View the Learning Outcomes, Mid-Point Reflection, Final Evaluation (PDFs).